“To exceed customer expectations, whilst capturing their unique story”

Yes that’s right, we care more about your story! And less about technical waffle, don’t get us wrong we are experts at what we do but we also understand it’s equally important to know who you are!!

Built on stories like Yours

The foundations of Quinn Video are the stories of people like you. Those stories live forever, but the future stories are always evolving. You are already thinking about yours now, aren’t you?

So who are You?

If your like most of the couples who hire me You know the value of memories, and understand that whatever the price now, in 30 years they will be Priceless.

The Supporting Roles

It could be just the 2 of you and your witness. Or it could be  your guests and family who help us to create “Your Wedding story”.

Your Dreams

You want to be able to share your story. To ensure the memories last forever, and have a video you can be proud of. A Timeless Story is what’s needed.

Your Fears

You don’t want your guests to feel uncomfortable. Enjoying your day is more important than the video, let me do what i do best and no one will even notice me!

Our Solution

I understand your fears. I operate with the right etiquette and I am always unobtrusiveIt is with the editing that the real story comes to life.

Hundreds of  Happy Couples have Memories Recorded Forever, We Know You’ll Cherish Yours!

You know  you want a wedding video. Now you you just have to choose the right person to capture your story, and make your dream wedding story a reality forever!
  • Imagine your kids faces when they see Mammy and Daddy dancing at the wedding from 10 years ago!
  • You are here because you know video is just as important as the photos.
  • Now he is actually going to be able to see what happened that morning and not just as you got to the top of the aisle. The excitement in the house when the hair and makeup was been done! The last bit of freedom with the girls!
  • You have kids now and won;t it be great to see the little one carrying up the board ” Daddy here comes Mammy” up the aisle?
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