2016 Pricing

New! “Bespoke Edit” package now features online delivery. Blu-ray pop-up menu across all smart devices. Quinn Video were the first to offer this technology in Ireland.

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Mini Documentary


  • This fundamental coverage is ideal if the ceremony and drinks reception are your priority.
    Also ideal if your budget doesn't stretch but you would like a high quality memory of the most important event. { Coverage till 5.30pm }All the basics are covered and you get a high quality video on a Blu-ray disc.
  • 1 Blu-ray disc included with personalised covers.
  • Keep a record of the ceremony and drinks receptionPriceless Memories
  • Fully Edited
  • No highlight clip included but you may add on from the options below.

Full Documentary
( No Highlights )


  • Full Day Coverage from Bridal Preparation until the first Dance. This will cover your whole day from Bridal Preparations until the First Dance.
    Music is used at appropriate parts where there was no audio......
    Like the morning preparation and photoshoot for example.Full Day Coverage, lightly edited. THE FULL DOCUMENTARY EDIT
  • Your Wedding Video is delivered on a USB in a presentation box.
    1 Blu-ray disc also included with personalised covers.We apply industry leading technology in our delivery methods.
  • Chapters Documenting the main parts of the day.Fast forward with the click of a button to your favorite part of the day.
  • Some parts of the day covered with 2 cameras.Re-live your favorite moments.
  • No highlight clip included but you may add on from the options below.Option to add the a Highlight Clip

Bespoke Edit
( Cinematic Highlights inc. )


  • Our most popular package last year. The creativity flows with this one

    Key to this package is the inclusion of the "Cinematic Highlights".
    Using advanced editing techniques like time shifting, audio overlays and colour grading we create a 6-12 minute cinematic clip
    The BESPOKE EDIT is unique to each couple, the aim is to reflect your individual personalities and bring back the emotion of the day through advanced editing techniques in the "Cinematic Highlight clip".
  • Your Wedding Video is delivered on a USB in a presentation box and we also provide an online version to the Full Day with an interactive menu like a Blu-ray Disc
    Try it out on your device now with the red button above this table.
    2 Blu-ray discs also included with personalised covers .We apply industry leading technology in our delivery methods.
  • Full Documentary Edit PLUS the
    " Cinematic Highlight Edit" { worth €500 }For couples who want that little extra memory, and appreciate the modern film making techniques.
  • Speeches covered with 2/3 cameras to capture the reactions.Don't miss a beat ( or a tear ) during the speeches.
  • Dancing Covered with 2 cameras and multiple audio sources to ensure pristine audio alsoWe capture exquisite audio too

Your Love Story.

Price on Request . Starts at


  • A new and exciting offering from Quin Video.
    Your "Love Story" will be shot before the wedding. It can take many forms, one would be a 3-5 minute clip with a mixture of creative content cut with the 2 of you telling the key points your story up until now.
    You may arrange with the hotel to have this playing in a quiet area of your wedding reception for your guests to see and listen.How did you meet? What are your Dreams? Tell everyone your story so far in this engagement shoot.
  • Fully customisable to each couple. This will be delivered both online and on a USB Stick as a keepsake.Unique Content Creation
  • We will pre-plan the shoot after meeting or skype chatting to you.Short script/theme prepared in advance and shared with you before the shoot. Collaborate on music choice and possible locations for shoot.
  • Express yourselves and let me help you create something unique.A chance to express yourselves in a relaxed environment. The more input from both of you the better.

Wedding Video Extras

Linear Highlight

  • A Linear Highlight clip, no time shifting or advanced editing techniques. This is really a snapshot of the day.
    Usually set to 1 song, this clip is in chronological order to the events of the day. It MAY feature an audio overlayA nice snapshot of the Day

Cinematic Highlights

  • "Creative Highlights".
    Using advanced editing techniques like time shifting, audio overlays and colour grading I create a 5-10 minute cinematic clip.The Creative Highlights Clip from the "Bespoke Edit" package

Guest Messages

  • Have your guests leave messages that you will only see when you get your DVD.
    Your Best man or Bridesmaids will help round up suitable people. Usually filmed between the meal and the band setting up depending on the speeches.Have some personal messages on your keepsake.

Stay till 12am

  • Stay till 12am to get more footage of the dancing.
    You receive 2 DVDs with this add-on .Extra 2 hours of coverage.

  • Blu-ray Upgrade also available for €100 {3 Discs}

    Upgrade to Blu-ray Discs

  • Extra USBs can be ordered for €50 each

  • For €100
    The WEDDING POP-UP BOOK is a unique add-on.
    It is an digital Pop-Up Book similar to the real pop-up books when you were a kidWedding pop-Up Book
  • Click play button to view the sample

€200 Deposit Secures Date.

Balance in Full is payable on the day.

Wedding film delivery is 16-20 weeks from date of wedding.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of Your Wedding Day I am available for a Chat or drop me an email and i will contact you back at a time that suits you. Although the majority of my communication is via email i love to chat on the phone so let me know what suits you best.

Both the Documentary Edit and The Bespoke Edit are comprehensive and include the full day, however they end at 10pm sharp. I have no problem covering your dancing after 10pm but it will incur extra charge at the rate of €50 per half hour in line with my “Stay till 12pm” add-on.

Please contact me if you require a tailor made package or any further details.

Many thanks, 



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