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Pinterest is a little strange as social networks go. It really isn’t like Facebook or Twitter or the other social networks. It’s an entirely new kind of experience. Many people report difficulty with it at first: they’re not quite sure how they are supposed to use it or what they’re supposed to be doing. Some people never come to grips with Pinterest but if you do Pinterest can be great for weddings.

pinterest for weddings

 The usual tale of using Pinterest goes something like this: you sign up and do your usual thing of creating a login name and registering a password. The Pinterest site asks you to sign up to a few “boards” that catch your interest: “weddings” will probably be top of your list. After a few minutes of this you are taken to a screen with images. That’s about half of what Pinterest is, just lots of images. The images are from all the boards you signed up to and you can keep scrolling down looking at things. Eventually something in particular will catch your eye, and you might want to save it for yourself. This is the “pinning” part of Pinterest. You click a button and you get to create your own board with all the images you pin being sent to it. If you’re like me the first board you create will be “Weddings,” “Clothes” or “Presents.” Then the magic of Pinterest happens.

 As you scroll through the images you find another that you’re interested in. Then you realise that the board you created isn’t specific enough for this, you need a “Wedding Flowers” board. Then that’s not specific enough and you need a “Table Arrangement Wedding Flowers” board. Suddenly you will have 15 boards; about dresses, wedding videos, flower girl ideas, everything;all about very specific things and all on a certain theme.

I should have said this at the beginning, Pinterest is like a big scrap book. Where before people would have cut out images from magazines and books and used them for weddings now people are using Pinterest for Weddings. It is a fantastic tool that lets you document your thoughts and ideas, and take on board ideas from other people. After a few weeks or months you will have an entire catalogue of images that appeal to you. Where before you would have had to buy a magazine or take a picture of something in a shop to remember something you liked, now you have a digital archive of everything that has caught your interest.

 The really great thing about Pinterest is that it has a very easy system for organising all your thoughts. You can take notes on the images you “pin” you can create different catalogues and “boards” for your images: all on different topics. You will also find people whose style you like, you think the images they find and the themes they come up with are really attractive. With Pinterest the more people you follow the more images you will be shown. The whole process of using Pinterest for weddings means you can have an entire digital library of ideas.

 While Pinterest can be a little difficult to get to grips with as it’s so different from what we know, the important thing to do is just dive right in. Don’t be afraid to follow people, don’t be afraid to pin images and feel free to create as many boards for all the ideas you’re having for your wedding.

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Ronan Quinn lives in Dublin, Ireland. He is producing wedding videos for more than 8 years and always evolving his techniques. He is well known for his ability to reflect the couples personalities in their wedding stories. You can find out more about Quinn Video on Ronans website.

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