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The following Spiritual Ceremony Video was presided over by Tom Colton from . I have been working alongside Tom regularly for the last for the last 7 years and he is extremely helpful ( As are all the other celebrants ) to all the other vendors on the day which makes our jobs easier. My couples regularly relate to me how well the ceremony went and that they were made feel very comfortable.

Both Civil Ceremony Videos on this page are fully edited to give you an idea of the product my clients receive from that part of the day. Audio quality is of the utmost importance to me and i use up to 6 different sources to make sure i get the best possible audio each time while remaining unobtrusive.

Civil Wedding Ceremony Video

Civil Wedding Ceremony Video :

So whats the difference between a civil wedding ceremony video and a church ceremony video ? Well you might think not much but to be honest there is a difference. Couples have much more control over the readings and the vows ( indeed some write their own vows ). It’s easier to have kids involved if you are a couple who have already started a family. From a practical point of view most of the events happen in the same place so there’s less stress and less time lost in transit. This usually means more time for the couple to mingle with friends during their own drinks reception. It often happens that I get more sound bites for the video from a civil ceremony and that usually works out well in the creative highlight video .

Positive Reason for having a Civil Marriage:

  • You can have a large part to play in the planning of the Civil or Spiratual Ceremony.
  • There are so many locations you can choose from! Here’s a few ideas from OneFabDay
  • Usually it means you are at your venue so guests don’t have to travel to a church and then onto a venue. Less Stress!
  • Generally they are smaller and much more intimate and personal
  • You have much more freedom regarding the readings and writing your own vows if you so wish, this is even more evident in my opinion with the companies who are specialist in solemnising as opposed to HSE .
  • A Chance to express yourselves fully as the individuals you are.
  • If you have kids they can be much more involved in the ceremony compared the church ceremonies.
  • It usually means a better civil wedding ceremony video

What Clients Say about their ceremonies

Stephen and Samantha Our civil ceremony was designed all around myself and my husband, we found it so intimate and so romantic. I didn’t want a church wedding as we wanted to keep it personal, we also had a guy called ronan quinn who captured it all on video made our day one we can remember for life, its fantastic to watch the video over and over and has brought me to tears so many times.

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The following Spiritual Ceremony Video was presided over by Tom Farrell from