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Engagement Videos :

Engagement videos offer a chance to tell family and friends your story and are a great opportunity to have your story recorded in a relaxed environment. Usually a couple tell how they met, fell in love and the road they travelled to get to that point where they decide to get married. These stories just can’t be told on a wedding day and so pre-wedding videos became popular. Because we have more time to plan the video and choose location or theme we have full control over the aesthetic of the video. No wedding day provides the same freedom. Freed from the constraints of the timeline on a wedding day we can make an engagement video you and your family will hold close to your hearts.

Does an Engagement Video sound like fun to you?

  • Shot before the wedding – When you are relaxed and able to let your hair down
  • Each engagement video will be unique. You can help choose what format it should take
  • You could decide to create a “Save the Date” video instead or together at the same time
  • Prices begin at €400.
  • Ronan will pre-plan the shoot after meeting or Skype chatting to you.
  • A Chance to express yourselves and let me help you create something unique.
  • These can be “Family Shoots” if you have kids.

What Clients Say about the love story

Rhona and Gerard
Ronan, we love this super happy with it.

Claire and Barry
Ahh Ronan that is absolutely lovely , god so emotional !! Thanks a mil, even Ella was like ah mam that’s so cute!! Wait until Barry gets home from his match he’ll be delighted, thanks!!

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