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This privacy policy covers the website and it’s booking website at where this privacy policy also applies and can be referred to. Your use of these websites implies your consent to this Privacy Policy. If you continue to use this site without resetting your browser preferences, we will assume that you are satisfied to receive all Cookies on this site.

The purpose of this Privacy and Cookie Policy is two-fold:

  1. To inform you how we collect and process Personal Data. Personal Data can be used to identify you.
  2. To inform you about Cookies that may be stored on your device by using our website. Cookies store non-personal data which cannot be used to identify you personally.

Please read this Policy carefully. By doing so, you will understand how Personal Data is collected by us and how we use it.

We use cookies on this site. Please read the Cookies section carefully to understand what cookies are being set and by whom. Please refer to Section 2.3 of this document (How to Control Cookies) where we will direct you to resources that will provide detailed information on how to disable cookies for most modern browsers.

Please note this privacy policy does not cover any of the websites that we link to externally, nor third party service providers, and we are not responsible for their privacy or cookie policies.

Section 1: Personal Data Collection and Processing

We collect Personal Data by 4 means:

  1. Via the Contact form
  2. Via the Skype facility
  3. Via the Comments facility
  4. Via the Booking form (on

If you contact us via the mechanisms described, we will use your Personal Data to supply you with information requested as well as any relevant marketing material.

  • We will never directly market to you without your permission
  • We will never supply your personal data to any third party for the purposes of marketing to you.
  • We will never supply your personal data to anyone unless we are required to do so by law.

If you use the Comments facility, a name, email address and IP address is collected. The only purpose for this is to authenticate comments should we feel it necessary, and to prevent abuse of our website by having the facility to block users based on the information supplied.

1.1 Retention of Data

Where you contact us via the Booking form, Contact form or Skype we will retain your Personal Data for so long as the purpose of the communication is relevant. Otherwise, Personal Data collected as a result of casual enquiries is regularly deleted from our systems.

Should you become a client of Ronan Quinn, your personal data will be kept on record for such time as you remain a client and for up to 6 years thereafter in accordance with the requirements of the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland.

The Personal Data you supply to us via these mechanisms is stored securely using up to date technology.

In the case of the comment facility, we store your Personal Data for as long as your Comment remains on our website. Should you want your comment deleted, you can contact us at and your comment, plus all associated personal data will be permanently erased. Please supply us with the name and email address you used to make the comment, and the webpage address(s) of the comment(s) you want deleted.

1.2 Your Rights with Respect to Personal Data

Under the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 you are entitled to get a copy of any Personal data we store about you. You have the right to have any inaccuracies rectified and you have the right to have the information deleted if we have no legitimate reason to be in possession of it.

Please make all requests in writing to:
Quinn Video
35 Drynam Crescent,
Drynam Hall,

Where the request involves providing you with a copy of the information held, we will charge you a fee of not more than €6.35 to cover our costs. All other requests are free. To protect against fraudulent requests, we ask you to send us 2 pieces of documentation as proof of your identity in the form of:

  • Photocopy of your passport or drivers license (showing name and photo)
  • Photocopy of a bank/utility bill that has your name and address

Please don’t send originals of these documents. Please include your name, return address, email address and a contact number. A valid request will be dealt with in 40 days of receipt of same in writing.

Section 2: Cookies

Cookies are text files that are placed on your computer by website programs. They store information that may be retrieved on subsequent visits and used for many purposes. Some cookies are destroyed soon as you close your browser, but others are persistent, meaning that they can remain on your device for hours, days, months or years after you have left the site in question. This cookie policy addresses those Persistent Cookies so that you can identify them on your device and delete them and/or disable them from being set in the future should you see fit.

2.1 Cookies on

There is only one cookie set. You can identify it as it will be set from the site:

This is a session cookie to facilitate the operation of the booking form. It stores no personally identifiable data. It may persist on your device for up to 24 hrs after you close your browser. It is safe to delete this cookie once you have completed your booking. However if you disable the cookie before you commence booking, you will not be able to use the booking form.

2.2 Cookies on

There are 2 types of Persistent Cookies in use on this site.

  • First Party Cookies (set and controlled by us)
  • Third Party Cookies (set by other sites. We have no control over them. They exist because we use them to provide social media engagement and videos on the site)

2.2.1 First Party Cookies

Google Analytics

The data collected is totally anonymous and cannot be used to identify you. The type of data collected includes where you came from, the page you landed on, the number of pages visited, which pages visited, time spent per page, pages you exited the site from, your ISP, your browser, your device, your language settings, your operating system, are you a first time or a returning visitor. If you want to learn more about what information is collected by Google Analytics, please refer to:

Site Purpose Cookie names Max Expiry Effect if refused Google Analytics __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz 2 years None
Commenting System

If you choose to use the Commenting facility on the website, 2 cookies will be set. The purpose of these cookies is to prefill the comments form should you revisit the site and to provide a verification mechanism for commenters. If you want to learn more about these cookies please refer to:

Site Purpose Cookie names Max Expiry Effect if refused Comments system Start with _comment_author 1 year Cannot use commenting system


2.2.2 Third Party Cookies

Cookies are also set by Third Parties as a result of us providing certain functionality on the site such as Social Media and embedded videos from Youtube and Vimeo. Some of these third party cookies are set whether or not you engage in their functionality. We do not control these cookies and can only advise you to visit the websites in question to understand their purpose more fully. We have tested the effects of disabling these cookies on this website only and provide our results to you below. Understandably we can’t guarantee that you will get the same results that we do. Another important consideration is that by refusing these sites permission to set cookies on your device may affect your experience on many other sites also. As an example, if you were to refuse all cookies from, that would affect you on every site providing functionality from as well as facebook itself.

Site setting cookies Purpose Triggered by Max Expiry Effect if refused More information Pinterest button Click button 46 years Cannot login to Pinterest Pinterest Facebook buttons Click button 2 years Cannot login to Facebook Facebook
Twitter button Click button 2 years Cannot login to Twitter Twitter
Google Plus One button Click button 2 years Disabling has no effect. Disabling cookies affects your ability to login Google Vimeo videos Page landing
Click button
Up to 2 years None Vimeo Youtube videos Page landing
Click button
Up to 10 years None Google


2.3 How to Control Cookies

If you need to learn how to manage cookies on your device, visit where you will find information on how to do this for most browser types. We would ask you to consider not deleting the Google Analytics cookies as they provide us with such valuable information as to how visitors get to this site and it helps us make decisions based on the content you read and spend time on here.